Before bub, your home looked like an oasis. After bub, your home looks like an obstacle course of potential trouble. The solution lies in one word: Baby-Proof.

Follow These 10 Tips to Baby-Proof Your Home:

  1. Get outlet and power strip covers to stop those little fingers getting curious and finding their way in the sockets.
  2. Invest in baby gates and pens, especially if you have stairs in your home.
  3. Remember to drain your child’s paddling pool, after they are finished playing in it. If it is more than 300mm in height, pool fencing laws apply.
  4. Bath-time can be a slippery affair. So get non-slip mats to prevent falls.
  5. Heavy objects like books and decorative vases should be securely placed out of reach, to avoid any accidents from happening.
  6. Invest in drawer locks to prevent bub getting in places they shouldn’t.
  7. An active bub will be crawling all over the place. So attach corner and edge guards to onto your furniture.
  8. If you have sliding doors mark them with colourful stickers at your toddler’s height to prevent your baby from crawling or walking into them.
  9. Protect your little one from bath-time knocks by getting tap covers.
  10. Last, but certainly not least, invest in a baby monitor to keep a watchful eye and ear out for anything bub-related.

With baby-proofing being complete, it’s time to breathe a sigh of relief. After all, you didn’t resort to covering your entire house in bubble wrap and you discovered that it really is achievable to baby-proof your home without it looking like a well-secured fort.

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