Pregnancy Guide


Early Symptoms of Pregnancy

Pregnancy Tests (Tips)


Late Menstruation

  • This is the most common symptom to detect early pregnancy, as a woman’s menstrual cycle will stop when they are pregnant.

You can purchase and use any common pregnancy test kit available in the pharmacy:

  • Use your first morning urine if possible (or at least urine that’s already in your bladder for 4 hours as it is more concentrated).
  • Do not drink excessive amount of water prior to taking the test.
  • Read and follow test kit instructions carefully.
  • Avoid taking medications or drugs that may interfere with the result.

Test Results:

  • Home kits are accurate up to 97% of the time.
  • The most common reason for inaccurate results with home kits is testing the urine too soon after a missed period.
  • Is it Positive!
  • Congratulations, you are about to become a mother.
  • Is it Negative!
  • Wait for another 3 days before taking another test. Tests taken less than 10 days after conception might show negative results.

Always see your doctor for confirmation.


Sore Breasts and Sensitive Nipples

  • Another common symptom of early pregnancy. Breasts will become tender, swollen and sore as they prepare to produce milk for breastfeeding.


Nausea (morning sickness)

  • Some women will experience nausea in the morning or even throughout the day. The effects vary from one person to another or one pregnancy to another.


Extreme Fatigue

  • Exhaustion that happens within weeks after conception.


Frequent Urination

  • Due to a mother’s swollen uterus that is pressuring the bladder, thus the frequent trips to the bathroom might persist for the next 9 months of pregnancy.


Cramps (like having a period)

  • Triggered by the implantation of fertilised egg to the uterine wall that will stretch to accommodate the growing baby.


Skin Problem

  • Pimples and other skin problems might surface due to hormone changes.


Feeling Feverish

  • Your body temperature will be slightly higher.

Blood tests:
Blood pregnancy tests used by doctors are 99% accurate. Blood is drawn from a vein in your arm.


Mood Swings and Irritation

  • Caused by hormone imbalance. Mothers-to-be will need all the support they can get at this stage.


Other Symptoms:

  • Headaches
  • Heartburn
  • Constipation
  • Blood Spotting
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