Types of nappies


Layer Type

Location / Material



Driwave™ Layer

Inside layer that is in direct contact with your baby’s skin.

Designed to transfer moisture to the absorbent core and keep your baby’s skin dry.


Absorbent layer, cotton like pulp, super absorbent polymer material

Inner layer which is the most important part of a nappy.

Sand-like crystals or super absorbent polymer that absorbs water through osmosis. BabyLove state-of-the-art nappy core absorbs up to 50 times its weight in water compared to other cloth or disposable nappy. A superior absorbency core like the ones used by BabyLove ensures that your baby stays dry and healthy and is protected from unwanted rashes and infections.


Waterproof material

Polyethylene is the resin of choice for waterproof layer. Designed to create a microscopic funnel, this thin layer of fibre have pores large enough for air to flow in but too small for water to seep out.

This gives it the breathable quality that keeps your baby dry without leakage.



Repositionable tape or Velcro that can open and close repeatedly.

BabyLove fasteners are designed to fit comfortably to your baby’s body. It is lightweight and designed according to baby’s age and growth stage to ensure your baby receives the best protection that he needs.

Nappy – Daily Use

Baby’s age, size and development stages will determine the type of nappys to be used. Listed are some guidelines that can help you choose the right nappy:






Tape Type

  • Ranges from Newborn, Infant, Crawler, Toddler, Walker & Junior.
  • Suitable for newborns to babies that can’t stand up and walk.
  • Opens into a “Y” shape and is easily fastened.
  • Babies urinate quite frequently; hence a super absorbent nappy is required.
  • BabyLove with Driwave™ sheet locks urine in with its Superior Absorbency. It gives speedy absorption for extra dry protection to help reduce irritation and rashes so baby is always dry, clean and healthy.


Pants Type

  • Ranges from Crawler, Toddler, Walker & Junior.
  • Suitable for toddlers and children that are actively moving around (crawling and/or walking).
  • Fast, easy and comfortable fitting for your active baby.
  • More convenient and practical compared to tape type nappy (e.g: During outings or to change an active baby).
  • Suitable for toddler and children on toilet training (more information on Toilet Training page).
  • Suitable for parents to handle bedwetting problems (more information on Bedwetting page).
  • BabyLove Nappy Pants ensure that your baby receives long hours of protection during day and night keeping your baby dry.
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