Give priority to

  • Soft and comfortable materials against durability.
  • Babies grow fast and will outgrow their clothing quickly hence durability will not be an issue.
  • Clothes for both hot and cold weather/environment.

Type of clothing

  • Onesies: Little one piece jumpsuit without legs and buttons at the crotch – for daytime (hot weather).
  • Sleepsuits: Easy-to-use popper with legs and buttons at the crotch – for nighttime (cold weather).
  • Both types give easy access when changing your baby’s nappy. Minimal disturbance when your baby is sleeping.

Materials to choose

  • Lightweight.
  • Good moisture absorbency.
  • Body heat retention.
  • Good ventilation.

Things to avoid

  • Tight seams (constrict baby’s skin and will leave marking).
  • Laces (may cause irritation to skin).
  • Buttons on skin area (may cause injury and irritation).

Tips when dressing your baby

  • Find a flat surface and try to avoid high places.
  • NEVER leave your baby unattended.
  • Stretch the clothes NOT the baby! (Example: Pull baby’s hand through sleeves instead of pushing baby’s hand which could lead to injury.)
  • Do not overdress. It can cause over-heating or irritation to baby.
  • Sing, talk, giggle and turn dressing into a fun time with your baby to foster bonding.
  • Always place the nappy on first to avoid urine, stool or stains transfering on to clothes.
  • Avoid detergents that can cause irritation to baby’s skin when washing baby’s clothes.
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