Baby’s Age


Items Required


  • Top-to-toe cleaning.
  • Gently clean baby using clean cotton soaked in warm water.
  • Clean baby’s facial area, creases and genital area (rub lightly and very gently).
  • For eye lids, use separate cotton wool balls, wiping from inner eye to outer eye.
  • Gently massage water onto baby’s scalp to clean cradle cap (scaly patches on the scalp).
  • Take extra caution when cleaning around umbilical cord area to avoid injury.
  • A bowl of warm water
  • Cotton wool
  • Towels
  • Clean nappy

Newborn and Infant

  • Test water temperature (dip elbow to make sure it is warm).
  • Cradle head and shoulder with one hand and support baby’s body with the other. Lower gently into bath.
  • Gently clean baby’s facial area, creases and genital area using cotton swab.
  • Slowly swish some warm water onto baby and rub them gently.
  • Use soap or shampoo sparsely (if need be).
  • Slowly and lightly pour clean warm water to clear off soap and shampoo.
  • Gently dry baby with towel.
  • Take care to dry in skin creases, including armpits, groin, under chin, around neck and behind ears.
  • Make sure baby is snug and warm.


  • You can give your baby a sponge bath! (Simple, Safe, Clean and Fast).
  • Infant tub filled with warm water
  • Cotton swabs
  • Baby soap-free bath liquids
  • Baby lotion /fragrant–free cream
  • Towels
  • Clean diaper
  • Blanket

Older Baby

  • Place baby in bathtub, slowly and playfully.
  • Talk, sing and stimulate baby’s senses while gently rubbing and cleaning baby.
  • Giving baby a bath is also a great way to bond with your baby.
  • Baby bath tub, kitchen sink, bathroom basin or a clean washing bowl.

General things to know when bathing your baby!

  1. Position the bath somewhere stable
  2. Get everything ready before you start
  3. Take off jewellery and wash hands
  4. Fill bath, always using warm water, testing with elbow or wrist (approximately 36 degrees)
  5. Always keep your baby snug and warm after each bath to avoid from catching colds.
  6. Do not bathe your baby for too long. It may not be healthy for your baby.
  7. Use rubber mats to avoid slipping.
  8. NEVER leave your baby alone while bathing. Babies can drown quickly and quietly.
  9. Take extra care when cleaning sensitive areas such as baby’s ears, eyes, nose, creases and genital area.
  10. Do not scrub. A gentle rub and massage motion will suffice.
  11. Avoid injuring the umbilical cord.
  12. Trim baby’s finger nails to avoid baby from scratching and injuring themselves.
  13. Use soap-free bath liquids and fragrance-free cream to restore baby’s skin moisture and prevent irritation.
  14. Newborns do not need shampoo for hair cleaning
  15. Comb baby’s hair with a soft baby brush.
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