Let’s take a look at some tips on changing your baby’s nappy:


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Clean hands to avoid contamination. Make sure that you have everything you require within easy reach.

If your baby is able to stand, let him / her hold on to a support like a table or your shoulder.


Never leave your baby unattended. If you take your eyes off your baby, always have one hand on them.

Stretch your baby’s waistband and gently tear both sides of the seams.


Ensure that your baby is on a flat surface in a safe place.

Clean your baby’s bottom from any urine or stool residue.


Unfasten tapes on disposable nappy.

Wipe baby dry.


Check and wipe away residue of urine and stool.

Apply ointment and check for chafing or redness or even rashes.


Clean the nappy area thoroughly, between creases and wipe from front to back (for baby girl) to avoid vaginal infection. With newborns, avoid separating your girl’s labia to clean inside.

If there are marks from chafing, it may be time to change to a larger size.


You might want to cover a baby boy’s penis with cloth or nappy to avoid being sprayed with urine. Often babies pass urine when exposed to cool air.

Take a new pants nappy, stretch the waistband and pull it up baby’s leg (one leg at a time) until it reaches the navel area.


Apply barrier cream to prevent against nappy rash and check for chafing or redness or even rashes.

Ensure that pant is snugly and comfortably fitted.


Lift the baby up by the ankles and slip on a new nappy from baby’s behind.

Make sure that all the ruffles are outside to avoid skin irritation and perhaps leakage.


Fasten the adjustable tape and ensure that the nappy is snug and comfortable (but not too tight!) and all the edges aren’t tucked under. Avoid covering the belly button with nappy in newborns. Better to leave this exposed to circulating air.

Ensure that baby’s back area is fully covered and not rumpled at the groin area.


Once baby is down from change table or other surface, wash hands again to avoid contamination.

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