Tips when selecting nappies

Ultimately choosing the right Nappy will depend on your baby’s size, weight and shape. The goal is to ensure that your baby gets the most comfortable protection possible. Listed below are some tips that might come in handy when selecting nappies with the right functions for your baby.

  1. Choose the right size! – BabyLove has a huge range of Nappies and pants that caters to all age group and requirements.
  2. Do not buy too many nappies of the same size! – Babies tend to outgrow their nappies fast.
  3. Search for baby’s specific needs! – If your baby has a skin condition or sensitive skin, choose BabyLove range of DriWave Nappies that absorb urine quickly and repeatedly, and feature a breathable cover which provides long lasting protection against rashes and irritation.
  4. Choose a Nappy with unique features! – BabyLove DriWave nappies can absorb urine repeatedly, leaving your baby dry and healthy, while also providing cotton-like comfort. BabyLove Nappy Pants provide an easier change and a snug fit for protection against leaks.
  5. Choose a Nappy that’s right for your baby! – BabyLove DriWave nappies are designed to absorb liquid repeatedly to keep baby’s skin dry. Combine this with the soft breathable cover and the DriWave surface design which reduces contact with delicate skin, and you have a nappy perfect for sensitive young skin. When your baby starts to wriggle and become more active at change time, then BabyLove Nappy Pants come into their own. The 360° stretchy waist provides an easy to change nappy with a snug fit for protection against leaks.
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