Understanding your labour signs

No. Questions Signs / Indications

When does the blood stained mucous discharge start appearing?

This blood spotting / discharge appears when you have reached 36 weeks of pregnancy, indicating that your baby’s arrival is near.


Why is it sticky and looks like mucus?

  1. It is because a plug of sticky mucus seals your cervix and protects baby from infections.
  2. The mucus will dislodge, when your baby is due.

Is the sign similar for all mothers-to-be?

The sign will vary from one individual to another, but in general the mucus will appear to be:

  1. Clear in colour and slightly sticky, with some blood streaking.
  2. Thick and jelly-like and tinged with pinkish blood.
  3. Some will only show stains on their underwear.
  4. Others will be gel like.
  5. Some mothers do not even realise that they are showing signs. (Especially if the dropping happens when they are in the toilet.)

Are there any signs that I should be worried about?

When there is a show of huge chunks of blood clots or lots of blood discharge –DO NOT be alarmed but seek medical attention immediately!


If the signs appear before I am 36 weeks into pregnancy, what should I do?

Consult your doctor immediately as you may be experiencing early signs of premature labour.

When the signs appear does it mean I am in labour and need to rush to the hospital?

The time span between show and labour is different for each individual, it could be:

  1. Several days between a show and start of labour; or
  2. Hours before labour; or
  3. Anything in between.

Consult with your doctor who will be able to determine whether you have entered into active labour.

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