Is being a millennial mum really all about social media and sharing of baby pics? Or is this just a small piece in the puzzle of being a parent in the digital age?

In reality, there are loads of benefits to approaching motherhood from a millennial perspective. It’s okay to approach parenting a little differently to your predecessors and embrace a new positive style of parenting that is adaptive to the changing world that your little one will grow up in.

To help you put to rest once and for all the negative rumours of millennial parenting,
BabyLove has sat down with Clinical Psychologist Leanne Hall to look at the upsides to some of the most commonly talked about rumours. Share these with your family and friends if they ever come up!

Rumour 1: They’re obsessed with posting photos online

This creates broad online support networks where other mums can seek advice and reassurance.

Rumour 2: They can’t sit still and their children don’t know how to occupy themselves or focus

The world is changing and millennial mums are preparing their children for a fast-paced world. The need to focus on one thing for long periods of time is a cognitive function that we might not even need in a few years! Instead, children will need to know how to adapt to change…. fast. This is also why millennial mums try and save time with everyday tasks. Nappy change is no exception – they look for no fuss super easy ways to save time such as Babylove Nappy Pants.

Rumour 3: They teach their children to over value appearance and looks including what they wear and how they pose

The children of millennial mums are generally more focussed on appearance – and that is okay! The key is to balance this out – focus on strengths and attributes you can’t see such as kindness. Overall, however, these mums are helping their children develop healthy self-esteems through embracing how they look and who they are!

Rumour 4: They teach their children to use technology when they are too young

Children of millennial mums are tech savvy, probably more so than their mums. They need to be, because technology is moving so fast!

Rumour 5: They make being a mum look too ‘perfect’ and ‘fun’

We all know that social media is the highlight reel of our lives. So, accept it. Better still embrace it, just like millennial mums. Often these mums will do fun things with their children, so they can post online. They may also have been inspired to connect with their kids or do something fun because of something they have seen online. This is a good thing!

Don’t let negative judgements influence your approach – it’s okay to make mistakes and it’s all a part of motherhood. However, do let others guide and support you when you need it – you might learn something new!

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