Know when you are in labour

No. Signs That You Are Close to Labour Actual Labour False Labour
1. Lightening

  • Your stomach seems “dropped”.
  • Baby’s head is engaged in your pelvis.
  • You breathe more easily and urinate more frequently.

  • Progressively stronger, more regular and more frequent.
  • Lasts longer, peaks and reduces.

  • Irregular and doesn’t get worse or eases over time.
  • Low intensity and short in duration.
2. Increased Braxton-Hicks Contractions
Irregular contractions – strong but not painful.

  • Abdomen and lower back, spreading to legs.
  • Confined to lower abdomen and groin, rather than lower back.
3. Increased Vaginal Discharges
Creamy white discharge that begins in the middle part of pregnancy.
Bloody Show
Release of blood streaked mucus plug.
4. Weight Loss
1-1.5kg weight loss due to shift of body fluids.
Rupture of foetal membrane
Gushing or trickling of amniotic fluid.
5. Decreased Baby’s Activity
Baby will move less to conserve energy for delivery.
6. Nesting Instinct
Burst of energy as you prepare for baby’s arrival.
7. Lingering back pain


Seek medical attention if the following happens

1. You are bleeding vaginally.
2. Your water broke – Fluid is green, brown, yellow or anything besides clear or pinkish.
3. Baby IS NOT moving.
4. You feel something is wrong.
5. You can’t stop vomiting.
6. Experiencing unbearable abdominal pain.
7. Have the urge to push.
8. Sudden onset of:

  • Swelling of face, hands or feet.
  • Severe Headaches
  • Visual problems
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