If you’re about to have a baby, there are a few things you should get. BUT: Where do you start and what do you need? Instead of being overwhelmed by long newborn checklists you come across (or receive), consider differentiating between essential items and fun gimmicks.


  • It’s all about convenience – less clutter and more space! Look for long-lasting multifunctional items, for example a portable cot that could last a couple of years.
  • Sleeping/muslin wraps are critical for good naps.
  • A baby monitor not only offers peace of mind, but also allows you the opportunity to marvel at your adorably peaceful, sleeping baby.
  • Not essential: mobile, nightlight, room thermometer and lots of blankets.


  • A baby car seat is essential and you can’t go wrong with a car mobile or toy (it helps to soothe a crying baby while driving).
  • Nice to have: removable car capsule for the first couple of months to avoid waking a sleeping baby.
  • Car window shades are a must.
  • Baby/nappy bag: Go for a simple, modern black bag that you can simultaneously use as a handbag to avoid carrying two bags everywhere.


  • A baby bath is a must. A mesh bath support allows your baby to kick around with more support, which is great for the first few months.
  • It’s important to put together a first aid kit and baby medicines before you bring your little one home, just in case.
  • Stock up on LOTS of nappies, wipes and nappy disposal bags so you don’t have to dash out to the shops every time you run out. Trust me, you’ll go through them quickly.
  • A changing mat is a must.
  • A changing table isn’t always necessary. You could just place your changing mat on a chest of drawers, on the bed or on the floor.


  • Bibs, bibs and more bibs!
  • Vomit cloths or old tea towels for your shoulder when burping is essential (if you don’t want to change your clothes 6 times a day).
  • Lots of disposable or washable nipple pads (your boobs will leak at the most inappropriate times – and you don’t want wet patches at a wedding).
  • A breast pump. I preferred a manual one (it was quicker in my case and offered a good arm workout).
  • Ziploc bags to freeze pumped milk.
  • Nipple cream: if it’s your first baby it might sting sometimes and you could get a rash. If your baby isn’t latching properly a nipple shield will be your hero.
  • Bottle feeding (if your baby needs formula): bottles, teats, steriliser, a bottle brush, vomit cloths and bibs.
  • A nursing chair and feeding pillow are luxuries you don’t need, but they’re nice to have.


  • Your newborn will live in short and long-sleeve bodysuits. The ones with zips are a lot quicker and easier to work with than the ones with buttons.
  • Not necessary: modern, grownup-resembling clothing and shoes are not necessary. Playing dress-up is fun and they look so adorable in some of the tiny clothes these days, but they don’t need a whole wardrobe of clothes.


  • A baby album with photos and progress notes is a great memento. Otherwise, photos just stay on your phone or computer. You forget so many things from the first few months, because it’s all a bit overwhelming. So, it’s really nice to look back and remember those precious times, because, as you’ve heard, they grow up SO FAST!
  • A daily diary that notes the times they fed and slept is very helpful.


It’s worthwhile setting up a gift registry for your baby shower. Besides all the big stuff, it’s possible to receive everything you need at your baby shower, with no duplicates. If you don’t feel comfortable having a registry, (or would enjoy shopping for items yourself) you could ask for nappies. You’ll NEVER have enough.


The most important thing you’ll need is SUPPORT. Before you have your baby, ask relatives or friends if you can call them if you have any questions. You can also ask if they can offer a helping hand when you need to catch up on sleep. If they’ve been through it themselves they will more than likely be very happy to help.???I hope you’ve found these insider tips useful. All of the best with your bub on the way!

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