Bub’s Booties

New-born shoes and socks are quite possibly the cutest things we’ve ever seen! See a Hop and a Shoe? to check out great ideas for a baby clothing theme.

Firstly, create a baby bootie “washing line” with fishing line, wire, or rustic string. Feel free to mix and match booties with other items like baby onesies too. Pin these items to your “washing line” with wooden pegs.

Personalised hand-knitted booties are an adorable must if you can swindle it! Get these made or knit them yourself – you might require grandma’s handy help here.

Now, for a twist! In your invites, ask your guests to bring along one pair of baby booties. As they enter the shower venue, ask them to pin these booties to your “washing line.” Guests love the idea, and the booties can double as both décor and gifts for mum-to-be.

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