Fresh Lemonade Mason Jars

Mason jars make for the trendiest drink-ware out there! If you’re throwing a shower for a modern mum-to-be, mason is the way.

Lemonade mason jars are spectacular for a summertime shower with a mellow yellow colour scheme. They’re bright, bold, and unavoidably cheerful!

Decorate your jars with colourful ribbon, and adorn your lemonade with fruity fresh garnishes, like lemon slices and mint, to really make your jars pop. Colourful craft straws round off this entire look nicely!

Get busy in the kitchen and make your own zesty creations or try our delicious Spiced Coconut Ginger Sparkle recipe. Pink lemonade is a lovely option for an alternative colour combination.

Tip: Not only do mason jars look cool, they keep your drink cool too!

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