Fruit Bub Fun

Time to sharpen your melon-carving skills! This light and fruity dessert doubles up as an adorably quirky decoration.

Would you believe this fruity bub is easier to prepare than it looks? Give it a go! All you need is a large watermelon, and a variety of your favourite fruits. Think grapes, blueberries, strawberries, cantelope, apples, and more!

Follow these easy steps to mould your melon baby:

  • Carve out the watermelon to look like a baby bassinet.
  • Chop your fruits into fun shapes.
  • Create your little water melon baby’s head – a peeled melon works perfectly for this!
  • Use grapes for eyes, and strawberries for hair, and attach them with toothpicks.
  • Now cover bub in a fruity blanket using the rest of your chopped fruit.
  • For the finishing touch, put a clean pacifier in your melon baby’s mouth!

So easy, and such a showstopper!

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