Pastel Palette

This is the perfect option for those who aren’t fond of themes, but love colour schemes!

There’s a reason they call it “baby blue!” Pastel colours are perfect to add a soft, innocent elegance to your baby shower.

Pretty patterns like florals, zig-zags, or stripes can really bring pastels to life; just don’t mix them all together!

For a modern look, pair two pastel colours with homemade DIY decorations, using white as a base colour. Pastel colours look great paired with wooden furniture or metallic cutlery and candelabras.

If you’re going for a gender-neutral look, pale yellow and beige tones are an obvious choice.

On the other hand, you could combine contrasting stereotypically gendered colours like pale green and pale pink. We love this combination!

*For more inspiration on games, favours, food, decorations and invitations for this theme, visit the rest of our baby shower hub.

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