Tissue Paper Pom-Poms

Real flowers are stunning, but pricey! These are a clever alternative that offer the same whimsical wonderment without the monetary woe.

They’re so easy to make:

  1. Stack 8 sheets of standard tissue paper flat on a table.
  2. Fold the stack of tissue paper in pleats resembling the bellows of an accordion (zig zag folds).
  3. Once you’re done zig-zag folding, fold the entire piece of paper in half, upwards.
  4. Bind the centre with a piece of wire.
  5. Tie a strand of fishing line to the wire for suspension of the pom-pom later.
  6. Gently fluff and unfold the tissue paper to form a sphere.

It’s as easy as that! Remember to choose tissue paper colours that complement your theme. A simple, yet modern look for your Baby Shower!

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