20 Decoration Ideas To Take Your Shower From Bland To Grand!

Fresh Lemonade Mason Jars

Mason jars make for the trendiest drink-ware out there! If you’re throwing a shower for a modern mum-to-be, mason is the way. Lemonade mason jars are spectacular for a summertime shower with a mellow yellow colour scheme. They’re bright, bold, […]

Witty Water Bottles

Keep your guests refreshed and amused with these wonderful witty water bottles! Small water bottles are excellent blank canvases for embellishing your theme upon. They work particularly well with an “underwater” theme, but can be easily adapted to complement any […]

Festive Flowers

Never doubt the power of flowers! Floral bouquets are an easy way to fire up that festive feeling in an effortlessly elegant way. A floral shower (See the Flower Power Theme) is perfect for a spring time celebration. Plus, take-home […]

Themed Napkins!

As silly as it may sound, there’s nothing quite like themed napkins to really round off your shower’s overall look! This simple décor idea is super easy to accomplish, but still makes a sophisticated statement. All it takes is getting […]

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