We’ve Rounded Up 20 Cheesy, Hilarious, And Fantastically Fun Games To Leave Your Guests In Stitches.

Bowling With Bottles!

This one’s our very own baby version of bowling! Set up 10 baby bottles the same way you would bowling pins – in a triangle with one bottle in the first row, two in the second row, and so on. […]

Decadent Dirty Nappies

This game might gross out your guests, but it’s sure to get the girls laughing too! Choose up to 8 different chocolate bars and melt them separately in the microwave, being careful not to burn them. Smear the melted chocolate […]

Telephone Tips!

This is a fun twist on the classic game of Broken Telephone! One person in the circle will start off by whispering to the person next to her, a tip that she thinks will prepare mum-to-be for motherhood. The tip […]

Guess The Time!

The winner of this game will have to wait for baby’s arrival to claim their prize! But we think it’s worth the wait. Have each guest write down the time and date they think the baby will be born. The […]

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