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Tips on How to Stop Nocturnal Enuresis – Bedwetting


If you’re reading this you’re going through that awkward time where your child goes to sleep in a dry bed, but wakes up in a wet one. There is however no need to be concerned! Bedwetting simply means that your child is going through his or her next developmental stage. If you’ve had enough of wet sheets and PJ’s then we’ve got a few helpful tips on how to stop your child from wetting the bed.

Tip one to stop nocturnal enuresis – Adjust your child’s drinking times.
Increase fluid intake earlier in the day and reduce it in the evenings.

Tip two to stop nocturnal enuresis – Encourage bathroom breaks.
Get your child to take regular wee breaks every two to three hours and right before bedtime.

Tip three to stop nocturnal enuresis – Be supportive.
Make your child feel good about progress by consistently rewarding successes.

Tip four to stop nocturnal enuresis – Eliminate bladder irritants.
Start by eliminating caffeine, such as chocolate milk and cocoa. Also, be on the lookout for citrus juices, artificial flavorings, dyes and sweeteners.

Tip five to stop nocturnal enuresis – Avoid thirst overload.
If schools allow, give your child a water bottle so they can drink steadily all day. This avoids excessive thirst and the need to drink everything in sight after school.

Tip six to stop nocturnal enuresis – Consider if constipation is a factor.
This affects about one-third of children who wet the bed, though most times children are hesitant to share information about constipation.

Tip seven to stop nocturnal enuresis – Don’t wake children up to urinate.
Randomly waking your child at night and asking him or her to urinate on demand isn’t going to help, and will only lead to sleeplessness and frustration.

Tip eight to stop nocturnal enuresis – Create an incentives chart
Consider adding a positive incentive during the bedwetting stage. Create a grid chart or use a calendar, and give your child a sticker (like a shiny star or a happy face) every night he stays dry. When he earns ten stickers, he gets a small toy or a special treat.

Tip nine to stop nocturnal enuresis – Don’t resort to punishment.
Getting angry at your child doesn’t help him learn. The process doesn’t need to involve conflict.

Learning a new habit is never easy, so it’s recommended that you approach this stage of your child’s developmental phase with patience and love. Encourage them to keep trying, even if they continue wetting the bed.

Published 04 Sep 23

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