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Me and You Play

Quality time nurtures confident kids.


Just 9 mins make a difference. Dive into present to nurture kids’ emotional safety through play.

Me and You Play Ideas

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Quality time is the true love language of all kids. Until around age four, children see themselves as extensions of their caregivers. As parents we see how much little ones rely on us for literally everything from changing nappies, to making decisions and providing emotional support and safety. That’s why one-on-one time is absolutely crucial for a child’s attachment and sense of security. It’s during these special and rare moments together that parents are able to strengthen their bond and create a safe space for them to explore and grow.

Ever noticed when work gets busy or there is a change or upheaval in your home that your kids behaviour goes south? Perhaps it looks like bigger meltdowns and rougher daycare drop-offs. Children are intuitive and sometimes act out to grab our attention. Quality time has been shown to lower cortisol levels in children and build emotional resilience and empathy.

We recognise that modern parents have a lot on their plates, but even just 9 minutes of one-on-one time can make a big difference in a child’s day. Let’s explore some practical, hands-on ways to squeeze in quality playtime with your kids, even during busy weeks. Remember, it doesn’t have to be fancy, keeping it simple is key.

Quality time with your kids can look like: 

Focused Attention

This means putting away distractions (phones and screens) and actively engaging with your children. For instance, walking to grab a baby chino and coffee in the morning before work or daycare starts is such a simple task to build connection. Plus a caffeine hit for you. 

Shared activities

Sharing something you mutually enjoy strengthens bonds and maximises time together. If you’re genuinely enjoying yourself, they will too. Kids activities aren’t all about dressing up like Spider-Man. For example, if you enjoy cooking, making banana bread on a rainy day can be a fun joint endeavour that also prepares snacks for the week. If you love galleries, take them to public spaces and show them what inspires you. 

Quality Conversations

Quality time isn’t just about checking off activities—it’s about diving into heartfelt conversations and making meaningful connections. These can happen on the way home from school, around the dinner table or during bedtime whilst you read story books together. Conversations big or small build trust and connection.

Creating Memories

Memories don’t only look like family vacations or experiences that cost a lot of money. A special outing, or a family movie night at home, even a simple family dinner, turn routine into ritual; these daily experiences have the ability to create happy lasting memories. 

Toddler Activity Ideas

Chino Dates

Head to your local cafe and sit in rather then takeaway and spend a moment having a conversation.

Movie Night

Opt for a movie night instead of continuous screen time - make it a family ritual.

Stories from the heart

Children adore stories beyond books. Share tales of their birth or your initial encounter with your partner.

Pretend Play

Indulge in pretend play with your kids -take on roles like a shopkeeper, a pilot, a wizard - transport them to new worlds with creativity.

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