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Let's get Silly Play

Rediscover youth and embrace silly play to reconnect to your child


How all things light can take the load off parenting

Let’s get Silly Play Ideas

Activity IdeasDevelopmental Skill
Dance Party | Body Swap | Dress Ups | Duck Duck GooseEmotional regulationRead more
Animal Charades | Sing Silly SongsIgniting creativityRead more

Super heroes, Barbie caravans, dress-ups- welcome to the magical world of silly play. Release your inner child, let go and revisit your youth.

“The days are long and the years are fast” – nothing rings truer when parenting young things. If you’re feeling stuck in a rut, injecting some humour and playfulness can totally shift the energy of the day. Dive into Silly Play and discover how to add a touch of playfulness into your family home.

Emotional Regulation

Emotional Regulation is the main benefit of silly play. Silly play can lead to laughter, giggles and joy, prompting the brain to release dopamine, a neurotransmitter linked to pleasure, reward and motivation. When toddlers partake in playful activities and feel positive emotions, their brains produce dopamine, which aids in regulating mood and decreasing cortisol levels, a hormone associated with stress. This simple act of goofing around during silly play contributes to emotional well-being and resilience, empowering toddlers to cope with difficult situations more effectively. 

Toddler Activity Ideas

Dance Party

Toddlers love to dance, especially when it's goofy - turn your lounge room into a disco with a home dance party.

Body Swap

Transform into a witch, a frog, a princess or a french cook and embody their characteristics.

Dress Ups

Get creative with dress-up! Use fabric, kitchen accessories for hats, and transform into someone new.

Duck Duck Goose

An old but classic game that’s full of laughs and mayhem. Who is going to be the goose?

Igniting Creativity

Engaging in silly play ignites creativity in toddlers, inviting them to venture beyond the ordinary and explore fantastical realms. By immersing themselves in imaginative scenarios, they’re encouraged to break free from the confines of reality and venture into uncharted territories of thought. This process not only nurtures creativity but also cultivates an environment where unconventional ideas and solutions flourish. As toddlers delve deeper into the world of make-believe, their brains spring into action, forging new neural pathways that enhance cognitive flexibility and expand their creative horizons. With each whimsical adventure, they’re not just playing – they’re actively shaping their minds, fostering a lifelong love for exploration and innovation. How cool is that?!

Toddler Activity Ideas

Animal Charades

Take turns pretending to be different animals while the others guess what animal they are.

Sing Silly Songs

Any song can be silly and equally hilarious when you sing it with an accent or funny tone - right?

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